Feather & Black – customer service shambles

I do not recommend that you buy from Feather & Black.  I would also add that I don’t normally believe in moaning on the internet, but on this occasion I want to warn as many people as possible about the pitfalls of ordering from them.  This is my sorry saga from start to finish:

  • December 2012 – order bed from Morningside store. Despite they fact we offer to pay in full, manager insists we only pay a deposit.
  • 03 January 2013 – at least 10 working days after deposit paid, and after phone calls, bed order is emailed to us.
  • 09 January 2013 – when we ring to find out when our bed will be shipped, are told by the store that because we haven’t paid in full, the delivery will not be organised! Go into store and make further payment.
  • January 2013 – delivery day. Bed arrives. A structural bolt is missing. After phoning the store and customer services for help, are assured new ones are in the post.
  • 04 February – email to say fixing kit is on the way from customer services
  • 12 February – Request from customer services to send a picture of the bolts we require as completely wrong bolts have been sent.  Person from 04 Feb email no longer works for the company
  • 17 February – email with photos to customer services sent (we were on holiday on 12 February)
  • 08 March – person from 12 February no longer works for the company. Start the complaint from the beginning.
  • March – bolt arrives
  • March – May 2013 – continuing phone calls and emails to customer services about compensation – after protracted conversations, delivery fee is refunded in late May.
  • 29 July 2013 – bed fundamentally breaks. On investigation the bolts (not the same oes that were missing) used to secure the main joist are not the correct type. See pics below. Phone calls and emails to Customer Services – person from 08 March no longer works for the company.  Customer Services claim it is a known fault with the bed which has now been rectified.
Broken Bed

Broken Bed

Shoddy work

Shoddy work

Poor bed design

Poor bed design

  • 13 August 2013 – after many conversations of getting no-where about broken bed – write letter to both MD and HQ – sent by special delivery (incidentally the letter to MD was returned to us unopened).
  • 14 August 2013 – email from “Head of Customer Services” to say that she is surprised we have had problems with the bed, there are no known issues and it’s one of their bestsellers.  We can have new bed or a full refund. Request full refund.
  • 15 August – 23 August – Feather and Black confirm that they will not refund the money until they have collected broken bed. Despite the fact we paid for the bed before delivery.
  • 23 August – Purchase new bed and agree to accept refund on collection of broken bed. “Head of Customer Services” promises refund will be issued immediately and she will personally oversee.
  • 29 August – delivery date of new bed confirmed, Feather & Black confirm they will collect broken bed the day after. After confusion on method of refund, Feather & Black confirm this will be processed immediately.
  • 03 September – after phone call from deliver company who have gone to collect at the invoicing address (our old address before moving and address we were living at when ordering the bed) bed is collected. “Head of Customer Services” does not understand the mistake saying she only ever had one address on file. Promises that refund has been passed to finance for immediate payment.
  • 06 September – As refund has not hit the bank, phone customer services to find out what has happened. They find my customer details through the invoice address (the one “Head of Customer Services” claims they didn’t have) and say that although payments take 7-10 working days to arrive, our file has been marked urgent.
  • 06 September – Email from “Head of Customer Services” saying she had always told us the payment would take 7-10 working days.
  • 10 September – our “immediate” refund hits the bank.

Feather and Black – this is a catalogue of errors. As a customer I have been:

  • Given poor quality goods
  • Given the wrong information about said goods
  • Lied to about goods and timing of refund

For anyone thinking of ordering from them – don’t! For anyone having troubles, please leave me a comment and I will pass on email and direct dial of the “Head of Customer Services”.

I thank you for reading my rant.


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54 Responses to Feather & Black – customer service shambles

  1. salidatious says:

    Rachael, I’m so sorry for your experience – I’m amazing people still find this blog and comment about their experience. I got my new bed from Bensons for Beds and it’s still going strong! x

  2. Miranda McGeary says:

    Well here we are in 2017 and Sally Sheppard has stuck again with a couple of email replies that come straight from the solicitors handbook of regurgitated terms and conditions. She has as much empathy as a traffic warden on match day. Quite surprising for a head of customer services.

  3. salidatious says:

    Hi Miranda – it’s actually a wonder she still works for them! Sorry you are having problems. Keep at them! Sally

  4. Patricia Short says:

    I have also been unfortunate enough to deal with the lively Sally Sheppard. Ordered a bed late summer 2016 was told 12 weeks delivery, 5 weeks later was phoned to tell me it was ready this immediately worried me as there had a lot of confusion over the fabric being used to upholster my bedstead (I had 3 order confirmations all stating different fabrics). The delivery went fine the men were very polite, they seem to know what to do so I stayed out of the way. As they left they gave me a delivery notification stating very clearly that my bed was upholstered in Grade C fabric, I paid for Grade D. I then went to have a closer look at my new bed and it was immediately obvious that there was a major problem it had been upholstered in a cotton blend fabric I had pick a Linen fabric the colour looked wrong. I contacted the delivery company and they confirmed that yes the bed was a Grade C fabric (this was denied by Sally Sheppard) I rung the delivery company again and spoke to another lady telling her what Ms Sheppard had said, she stated she would look into it and come back to me. When she phoned back she confirmed that what Ms Sheppard had told me could not be possible, as their delivery notes are generated by a code sent to them by F&B. I emailed Ms Sheppard numerous times asking her to ring me but she was never available and know one else could help me. In the end she did ring me once, but unfortunately I was out so never got to speak to her regarding this problem. Continued emailing but she was adamant that I had received the correct bed. In the meantime I phoned one of their other stores to ask a few questions posing as a potential customer, i asked about fabrics, how they are graded and prices the gentleman confirmed that a cotton mix fabric was a Grade C and 100% linen Grade D. Unfortunately I have been in hospital I am an amputee and have not been up to dealing with F&B but I am OK,ish now. I want this bed taken away and either another bed made or my money back, I have emailed Ms Sheppard only yesterday but she has not replied yet, not holding out much hope that she even will!!! I am seriously thinking of getting it dismantled and getting it sent back to F&B does anybody have a opinion on this?????

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